Webinar 5-6 July 2021
of the Italian Society for Virology2021
One Virology One Health
5-6 July 2021

The National Congress of the Italian Society for Virology represents the annual forum for the Italian scientists working in the different areas of Virology (medical-clinical Virology, molecular Virology, veterinary Virology, environmental and Plant Virology) involving basic, clinical and translational research and taking advantage of the most advanced technological platforms.

Call for abstracts

Deadline for abstract submission

APRIL 16, 2021

Notification of acceptance of abstracts

APRIL 27, 2021


COVID-19: evolution of a virus

Diagnosis of viral infections

Virology of environment and plants

Viral genetics and biotechnologies

New horizons in virology 1

Virus-host interaction

Viruses and tumours

Veterinary virology

Antiviral immunity and vaccines

Antiviral therapy

New horizons in virology 2

COVID-19: pathogenesis, prevention and control

New therapeutic strategies against HIV


Congress bodies

Arnaldo Caruso (Brescia)

Guido Antonelli (Rome)
Franco Buonaguro (Naples)
Arnaldo Caruso (Brescia)
Massimiliano Galdiero (Naples)
Giuseppe Portella (Naples)

Luigi Buonaguro (Naples)
Francesca Caccuri (Brescia)
Rossana Cavallo (Turin)
Massimo Clementi (Milan)
Gianluigi Franci (Salerno)
Giuseppe Iovane (Naples)
Anna Maria Malfitano (Naples)
Anna Teresa Palamara (Rome)
Maria Cristina Parolin (Padua)
Matteo Porotto (Naples)
Maria Carla Re (Bologna)
Maria Lina Tornesello (Naples)

Arnaldo Caruso (Brescia)
Guido Antonelli (Rome)
Canio Buonavoglia (Bari)
Giorgio Gribaudo (Turin)
Luisa Rubino (Bari)

Elisabetta Affabris (Rome)
Fausto Baldanti (Pavia)
Lawrence Banks (Trieste)
Roberto Burioni (Milan)
Arianna Calistri (Padua)
Rossana Cavallo (Turin)
Dario Di Luca (Ferrara)
Francesco Di Serio (Bari)
Alfredo Garzino-Demo (Padua)
Antonio Mastino (Messina)
Maria Cristina Parolin (Padua)
Mauro Pistello (Pisa)
Enzo Tramontano (Cagliari)
Gabriele Vaccari (Rome)
Maurizio Zazzi (Siena)

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